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Skona Design Blog NEW EXUBERANCE Trends

After 3 years of being in pandemic mode, we excitedly welcome 2023 as a year of optimism with a lively new colour! Pantone’s ‘Viva Magenta’ is a deep shade of pink/red which is fun, energetic and modern. Use this punchy colour in small doses, such as…

  1. Appliances
  2. Paint an accent/feature wall
  3. Furniture, upholstery or chairs
  4. Decorative accents and knick-knacks
  5. Add a colourful cabinetry nook (like a coffee station or bar area) to rev up a neutral kitchen

Go Big or Go Home:

There’s an abundance of other trends to incorporate into your kitchen (or any other room in your home, for that matter)…


  1. Get creative with cabinetry! Mix and match bold cabinet colours with interesting and unique accent finishes such as metallics or a textured fluted wood.
  2. Add furniture-style cabinets that have “feet” or “legs” in an interesting shape or in a different material like metal.
  3. Add lower drawers in lieu of cabinets. They glide out smoothly…it’s easier to view all the contents inside…and drawers store a lot more items! Adding extra large hardware is the icing on the proverbial cake.
  4. Conceal a butler’s pantry in its very own nook or room. One that’s hidden behind custom cabinetry with a surprise entrance will keep it neatly tucked away.


  1. Make the island in a bright or contrast colour. Pair it with white and light colours which will help frame and balance the saturated tones.
  2. Brights with woods will add interest and breathe life into any space. Strong solid colours pair well with more earthy natural wood grains and tones. No more glossy varnishes or heavy stains.
  3. Shades of blues and green not only give you a wow factor but these tones are known to have a calming and soothing effect. It’s the psychology of colour!


  1. Consider butcher block for your island countertop. It’s not only stylish, but extremely functional and durable. It will make you look like a Michelin 5-star chef.
  2. Marble or stone/quartz backsplashes will add drama and depth to a kitchen…especially if it has boldly patterned veins. It’s also easier to clean than tiles and makes a BIG statement.
  3. If you’re not a fan of stone backsplashes, then add bold coloured tiles or a fun exotic pattern to add a pop of playfulness.


  1. Mix metals! Combine hardware, faucets, stool legs and lighting fixtures in different colours of satin gold, bronze, black and stainless nickel. Mixing finishes will give you a visually rich look.
  2. Replace recessed lighting with more adventurous lighting that’s modern, sleek, funky, artsy or colourful. It’s an easy way to add your own personality…much like accessories with clothing.
  3. Incorporate sustainable, natural and durable materials into your design like wood, stone and steel that can stand the test of time.