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We all know that kitchens are the most important room in the home, but no kitchen is fully complete without appliances. Stoves, fridges, cooktops, range hoods, etc. are a necessity. Appliances that are sleek and streamlined work well with our modern design aesthetic. Here are some examples from projects we’ve completed… Stoves/Cooktops: Induction Cooktop Slide-in Microwave Slide-in Cooktop Cooktop Knobs on front panel ‘PITT’ Gas Burners (cast iron burners built right into the countertop) Hoods: Freestanding Hood Integrated Hood Hood over

During the pandemic, the GTA has seen a high increase in new builds and home renos which is phenomenal. However, due to this uptick, we have experienced higher-than-normal delays in importing the raw materials we use for cabinetry from Europe…along with other items such as hardware, glass, metals, special inserts, LED’s, etc. The later arrival dates were due to massive delays of ships halted at ports, hiked up gas prices, CNR strikes, etc. This has affected

These are words that come to mind when we think of Springtime! It’s a time of rebirth, where buds are blooming, the sky is blue, and everything is covered in a carpet of greenery. The calming colours of blues and greens are just as beautiful indoors as they are outdoors. Why not consider nature-inspired hues for your kitchen project? Aquatic colours breathe new life into this breezy kitchen! Decorative wood fluted accents and flat panels are

Side Creed:  A period home nestled in the Blue Mountains features this kitchen dotted with modern Scandi touches. Panelled cabinets are custom painted in a deep navy colour, accented with flat-cut white oak that was stained light brown for the range hood, island legs and underlit shelves. Solid oak legs support a large island with a table-like design, and wicker pendant lights offer a golden glow. This conversation-friendly hub welcomes casual

2022 is proving to be a very exciting year for SKÖNA. We have several new projects in the works, and we’re excited to share them with you. Introducing our newest creation…a custom-made bed and attached headboard in our signature Scandinavian style.* This self-contained unit features 2 built-in end tables, 6 underbed storage drawers with a solid wood integrated pull and an LED dimmable light strip with remote. This item comes complete as is, and can be assembled

Welcome to a new and exciting year!! Let’s see what the future holds but, for now, let’s focus on kitchen trends for 2022 which promise to be sleeker, smarter and greener! Colours: As we seek serenity during turbulent times…natural shades of sand, dune and buff create a cozy, calm kitchen environment.All shades of Green are the top trend. Try nature-inspired hues and lush woodland shades like Sage, Fern, Moss, Pine, Forest and

As the holiday season approaches, we wanted to take a moment to thank all our clients for their patronage during this challenging year. Handling a global pandemic was new to all of us but, with your patience and understanding, SKÖNA is back on track and going full steam ahead with production and installations of our premium cabinetry. As well, there’s a lot of ideas in the works. Stay tuned for exciting news and revelations in the months

Autumn is officially here!! Since we’ll be spending more time indoors, it’s a great time for a kitchen remodel and islands are front-and-center! A hardworking kitchen island serves many purposes such as extra countertop space, a central gathering place to sit, eat, do homework or entertain guests with a buffet set-up. When designing your ideal island, here some items to consider adding… Double-sided storage – cabinets and drawers on the interior and back-side, as well as shelves along

Summer is in full effect, and so is the trend of solid wood fluted facades! There are various shapes and styles of fluting such as rounded outward curves, inward curves, triangular points, squared off, flat, octagon, etc. These distinctive shapes and groove spacing…along with many types of wood species…creates unique combinations and different textures! Personalize it to your own individual tastes. This fluting detail is perfect for a feature wall, cabinetry door,