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Skona blog post Island Fever

Autumn is officially here!! Since we’ll be spending more time indoors, it’s a great time for a kitchen remodel and islands are front-and-center!

A hardworking kitchen island serves many purposes such as extra countertop space, a central gathering place to sit, eat, do homework or entertain guests with a buffet set-up.

When designing your ideal island, here some items to consider adding…

  1. Double-sided storage – cabinets and drawers on the interior and back-side, as well as shelves along the ends.
  2. Seating space – chairs or stools can face each other, be placed on opposite sides and/or along the edge.
  3. Electrical outlets to charge phones and devices or to plug in small kitchen appliances.
  4. A built-in microwave hides it out of the way, which frees up countertop space.
  5. A secondary beverage fridge and/or wine cooler.
  6. An extra prep sink to allow two people to comfortably prepare meals and wash veggies.
  7. Pull-out trash and recycling bins allow you to wipe food scraps and crumbs right off the countertop and straight into the bins.
  8. LED lights add decorative illumination underneath upper cabinets, floating by the toe kick or along integrated handles.
  9. Functional elements like an integrated cutting board, horizontal paper towel holder or a dedicated pet feeding station.
  10. Lastly, add your own style and flair to create a one-of-a-kind island. Special touches can be a shelf for your treasured cookbooks, a drawer for special gadgets, a wine rack or simply select an interesting color or finish. Make it functional and fun!

There are many standard island heights
to choose from, such as:

  • Table height (28”) – add a built-in table to your island to omit the need for a separate dining room table. This would be a perfect solution for a smaller home or condo.
  • Counter height (36”) – for a seamless transition from the working countertop to the island, since they’re both the same height.
  • Bar height (42”) – an easy and convenient height to serve people for parties and gatherings.

Alternatively, we can customize the heights

to your liking and needs!

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