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LED strip lights to your custom cabinetry

LED strip lights have always been popular for under-cabinet or shelf illumination. However, we’ve noticed a surge in a task, decorative and ambient lighting.

Many clients are now asking for LEDs also to be integrated inside the cabinetry itself, so the lights will come on when you open a drawer, pantry or closet wardrobe. It’s also beautiful inside a jewelry drawer or glass cabinet to highlight collectibles.

The LED strips can also be placed in unusual areas, such as toe kicks, which gives the illusion that the cabinetry is “floating.” Depending on where the strips are located, they can be activated by a switch or motion sensor.

LEDs are available in 2 temperatures…

  • 3000K emits a warm golden glow, creating a calming mood and ambience. This soft light is ideal for bedrooms, dining/living rooms, or anywhere you wish to relax. It also complements a room that has wood, dark colours and warm walls/floors.
  • 4000K is a cool white light with a blue undertone. The bright radiance promotes focus and productivity, which is best for kitchens, vanities, home offices or workshops.

Lighting can be used for beauty, utility and practicality. Why not consider adding LEDs to your custom cabinetry, both inside and out?