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kitchen trends for 2022

Welcome to a new and exciting year!! Let’s see what the future holds but, for now, let’s focus on kitchen trends for 2022 which promise to be sleeker, smarter and greener!


  1. As we seek serenity during turbulent times…natural shades of sand, dune and buff create a cozy, calm kitchen environment.
  2. All shades of Green are the top trend. Try nature-inspired hues and lush woodland shades like Sage, Fern, Moss, Pine, Forest and Hunter.
  3. Two-tone kitchens are still going strong, especially in complementary shades. Different tones of one colour can create a pleasing arrangement of light/dark surfaces.
  4. Matte bold grey cabinetry looks futuristic and stylish. Pair with some wood tones for interest.
  5. Pastels (even pink) are the new neutral. A muted and refreshing palette!


  1. Be bold with materials! Striking textures and patterns add depth and dimension such as prominent grainlines, fluted wood features and tactile wood textures.
  2. Handle-less or touch-to-open cabinetry is clean and modern, which works well with the smart technology that’s part of everyday living.
  3. Replace upper cabinetry with shelving for an open air feeling!


  1. Dramatic patterns and “full-bodied” veining on stone create statement.
  2. Use the same countertop stone for the backsplash. It creates a fluid seamless look.
  3. Try a metallic backsplash for a touch of luxury. It reflects light for shimmer and brightness.

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