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Skona Blog Spring 2023

Don’t let a dark kitchen weigh you down when the sun starts coming up. Green is proving to be the colour of the season, so consider remodelling your kitchen in a lighter palette for a breath of fresh air. Paler shades of verdant green proliferate, such as Sage, Thyme or Mint.

Step outside the box and let us design graceful arcs and inviting curves instead of angular lines and rectangular shapes. The rounder lines are a new trend, and very pleasing to the eye.

This stunning kitchen has many features that you can include in yours, such as:

  1. A coffee station with pocket doors.
  2. Pull-out pantry with alternating roll-out shelves.
  3. Roll-out within a single drawer.
  4. Custom wood inserts.
  5. Fluted wood veneer pantry wall.
  6. Fluted wood roll-up appliance garage.
  7. Integrated wood handles that can be custom painted.
  8. Elongated oval island with open cubbies and fluted solid wood surround.

There’s many more details and options that you can incorporate into your kitchen. Let the SKÖNA team design and create your dream kitchen, which is the hub of the home.