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high increase in new builds and home renos

During the pandemic, the GTA has seen a high increase in new builds and home renos which is phenomenal. However, due to this uptick, we have experienced higher-than-normal delays in importing the raw materials we use for cabinetry from Europe…along with other items such as hardware, glass, metals, special inserts, LED’s, etc. The later arrival dates were due to massive delays of ships halted at ports, hiked up gas prices, CNR strikes, etc.

This has affected the cost of materials, which is continuously increasing. Due to these circumstances beyond our control, the pricing, timeline and final outcome of our projects are impacted. We graciously thank our clients for their understanding.

Here at SKÖNA, we’re proud to use Canadian products and we’re continually striving to source additional local suppliers to meet the high demand. What’s important to us is a combination of high-quality materials and a quicker turnaround time to ensure a smooth production timeline for all projects.

Here’s a sneak peek of 2 new projects added to our portfolio…


Sleekness is personified in this modern 2-tone kitchen! Flat-panel cabinetry creates crisp lines that are accentuated by the unique combination of grey and navy. Dark appliances enhance the colour palette, while linear pendant lights mimic the sharp lines of this kitchen design. White countertops, backsplash and chairs add just the right touch of lightness and freshness.


Brown is the new Black! Why not try a rich velvety brown like this kitchen? It provides a pleasing contrast to the light grey panelling, with layered upper cabinets for a 3-dimensional effect. The countertops have bold chocolate brown streaks to pick up the warm tones. An extra-long waterfall island has tons of storage underneath, plus plenty of seating space for family gatherings.