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Kitchen and closet cabinetry for store and organize your essentials

Spring is a time for new beginnings. Leaves are budding, flowers are blooming and there’s a fresh scent in the air. It’s a time of reawakening and revival. That includes cleaning out the clutter and starting anew. Going hand-in-hand with cleaning is organization and storage solutions.

Here at SKÖNA, we specialize in excellent ways to store and organize your essentials. Since we’re fully custom, we’re able to create cabinetry in any width/depth to accommodate your needs.

For the kitchen:

  1. Wide, deep drawers.
  2. Tall full-height cabinets that go right to the ceiling, if possible.
  3. Various inserts for cutlery, utensils, plates, spices, etc. Could be in plastic, metal or wood.
  4. Garbage/recycling bins (options for 2, 3 or 4 bins).
  5. A pantry that can be customized with full or shallow depth…fixed or adjustable shelves…and roll-outs with varying heights.
  6. Pull-outs for spices, oils or condiments that need to be within easy reach for cooking.
  7. LeMans 2-tier pivoting/pull-out tray system for corner cabinets.
  8. A narrow broom closet to hang brooms, mops and cleaning supplies.

For closets:

  1. Niche/cubbies for purses.
  2. Double-hang rods to double the hanging space.
  3. Pull-down rods (for a petite person to easily access hanging items).
  4. Roll-outs with a higher depth for folded clothes.
  5. Shoe closet with choice of level or tilted shelf. The level shelf is more versatile, since you can also use it for purses or to stack small boxes.

Allow SKÖNA to design and create your dream kitchen and closet with efficient use of space for maximum storage and organization. Call 416-782-7882 or email to book your free consultation now.