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THE VANITY - bathroom remodel

The bathroom is one of the most utilized rooms in the home. It’s always on the homeowner’s “To Do” list for remodelling. Whether it’s a spa-like ensuite, a jack-and-jill bathroom or a powder room…we all want a washroom that’s more than just a “water closet”.

Start your bathroom remodel with the star of the show: THE VANITY!

Customizing a vanity for your space and style

These 7 steps will help in the design process when customizing a vanity for your space and style.

  1. Determine Vanity Size:
    1. Small (18-36”) is perfect for powder rooms and narrow spaces.
    2. Medium (30-60”) is ideal for a kid’s or guest bath as well as a mid-sized primary ensuite.
    3. Large (60”+) is best for large primary suites or guest baths that have a lots of square footage.

  2. Single vs. Double: Powder rooms usually call for one sink but, if you’re sharing a space, two sinks are almost a necessity. You might lose some counter space, but you’ll gain lots in personal space.

  3. Storage Solutions:
    1. A vanity with multiple drawers, open cubbies and/or a tall linen tower.
    2. An open shelf at the bottom of vanity is handy for rolled towels and baskets.
    3. A custom medicine chest cabinet with a mirror is perfect to hide smaller toiletry items.

  4. Cabinetry Colour/Finish: Colour choices set the mood and reflect your style.
    1. White is the most popular since it’s clean and versatile.
    2. Soft blues/greens create a calming oasis.
    3. Neutral/grey/brown tones offer a warm and inviting touch.
    4. Bold bright colors are fun, solid black is moody and wood-look textures are earthy.

  5. Pick Your Type:
    1. Freestanding, furniture-like vanities are classic with a solid base or legs for long-lasting support.
    2. Floating vanities (also called “wall mounted”) are affixed to the wall and hovers above the floor. It’s modern and creates the illusion of more space so it’s perfect for smaller rooms.

  6. Identify Your Style: SKÖNA‘s specialty is the modern/Scandi aesthetic, but you can create various “feels” with colour, texture and décor.
    1. Contemporary: its what’s current. Neutral colours, rounded edges and minimal design elements.
    2. Modern: rooted in minimalism with clean lines and monochromatic colors. Sleek, simple and slightly futuristic!
    3. Transitional: a combo of traditional and modern for a timeless look. Micro-shaker cabinetry with ¾” – 1 ½” profiles fall into this niche. Adding modern hardware will up the ante.
    4. Farmhouse: create a cozy, rustic and natural vibe with distressed wood-look finishes, hand-hewn accents and large apron sinks. It’s warm and welcoming!

  7. Complete The Look: This is the fun part. Flex your style muscle and include the following must-haves to complete your vision:
    1. Sink: undermount or vessel sinks can be in various materials such as porcelain, glass, metal, stone, concrete-look or something artistic.
    2. Faucet: pick from a variety of designs and finishes such as polished brass, brushed nickel, satin gold, matte black, etc. It should match or complement your other hardware.
    3. Hardware: doorknobs and pulls can be classic, funky or fancy. Edge pulls are slim and minimal to complement a clean design aesthetic.
    4. Countertops: colour, durability and upkeep are important factors. Quartz is best for a bathroom since it’s resistant to moisture, stains and bacteria. Thicker countertops (more than 1 ¾”) elevates the look of your vanity and boosts durability. A matching Backsplash completes the look but, most importantly, it protects the wall from water damage.
    5. Mirrors: use classic shapes (square, rectangular, oval or round) or interesting organic shapes. A framed mirror accentuates the shape. If you have a double-sink, decide if you prefer 1 large mirror or 2 smaller ones.
    6. Lighting: soft glowing light creates a spa-like ambiance but brighter luminaries are best for applying make-up at vanity desks.

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A chic floating vanity has 4 roomy drawers and custom integrated channels to match. The colour adds a warm richness to the cool grey tones of the surroundings. A mirrored medicine cabinet is custom framed with ambient lighting emitting from the top. Form meets function!


SKÖNA offers ¾” or 1 ¼” shaker doors in solid wood. For this primary ensuite, we used a ¾” profile in rift-cut white oak for the 6-drawer floating vanity and linen tower.


This ensuite features a rustic walnut-look 8-drawer vanity with a side order of cubbies and a linen tower…topped with a thick quartz countertop. Vessel sinks in a concrete finish add another textural element. The unique organically shaped mirror breaks up the clean lines.


A dual sink vanity in walnut wood veneer lends a spa-like feel to this primary ensuite. It was designed to be partially standing, partially floating.Tiers with varied heights and depths create a 3-D effect.


This principal ensuite is crisp and contemporary with a double-sink floating vanity, custom-painted in a moody dark grey. Micro-shaker MDF doors have a ½” profile for a modern transitional look.